Sports Injury Relief in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Sprains and Strains are common injuries that occur in many athletes, but often times we do not know what to do about them. Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation (RICE) used to be our previous strategy. The only problem with the RICE theory is that it is outdates research, it keeps us out of our activity for at least a month and often times when we return to activates the same nagging injury comes back. Active Release Technique and Graston are the two most researched soft tissue techniques out there to not only health those nagging sprains, strains, and overuse injuries faster but also keep them away. Combining ART and Graston with a proper functional exam and corrective exercise program will get you back faster and longer.

sports injuries, Dr. Rick Carlson, Optimal Health Chiropractic• An estimated 7 million Americans received medical attention for sport related injuries last year
• High school athletes account for approximately 2 million injuries per year

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