Feel Better

Feel Better (Relief Phase)

The main reason people seek help from a chiropractor, or any medical physician, is because they are sick or in pain – they want to Feel Better.  In this phase of care, our main objective is to gain control to help you get out of pain.  This is where we rely heavily on our Active Release Technique (ART), Graston, Adjustments, Stretching, and Rock Tape.  It is also during this phase of care, that we rely on concepts learned from McKenzie practitioners.

Our goal during this phase of care is to classify your problem by relying on concepts such as centralization to guide our treatments.  For example, if you have pain in your low back while sitting that travels down your leg.  Our objective here would be to work on posture to help ease this pain while sitting and also to decrease the radiating pain.

Most patients tend to start in this phase of care.  Here, the average treatment plan is 2-3 times per week until the centralization process of pain has taken place.

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